An Squared Indianapolis

About An Squared

We create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind home, office, retail, and restaurant furnishings made from reclaimed wood and recycled materials.

Here at An Squared, we work hand in hand with local tree services to save as many trees from becoming firewood or mulch as possible. An Squared handles the entire process from tree-to-custom saw milling-to-drying. This is done to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as is possible and to ensure the best quality in every piece. 

 When you place a custom order with An Squared you are guaranteed a truly unique piece that is 100% sustainably created. Every piece made is a one-off, meaning there will never be a replication of your piece.

We offer unique home, office, and restaurant furnishings with an eye for detail that are crafted in a way that highlights the beauty found in nature.